Character and comfort

A recently refurbished ex-Victorian schoolhouse set within the Conservation Area of a charming rural village in the heart of Staffordshire

Our rates for private hire by individuals are:

Day (9am to 11.30pm)



     a)  electricity/lighting charge of £15.00 and

     b)  an (appropriately refundable) damage deposit of £50.00.

Daytime (9am to 5pm)

  • 1.morning (9am – 1pm) - £55.00
  • 2.afternoon (1pm – 5pm) - £55.00
  • 3.all daytime - £105.00

In each case plus

     a)  electricity/lighting charge of £10 (£5 for half daytime) and

     b)  an (appropriately refundable) damage deposit of £20.00.

Evenings (7pm to 11.30pm)



     a)  electricity/lighting charge of £10.00 and

     b)  an (appropriately refundable) damage deposit of £50.00.

All events

Half an hour allowance will be given for any booking before and after for setting up/clearing away; any extra time will need to be paid for.

Corporate Hire rates are subject to negotiation

Hire of the field and hall together will incur additional charges


For all bookings and enquiries please

e-mail -


or call -

  • Derek Morris 07776 295010 or Rod Goldthorpe 01785 761201